New Sri Lankan restaurant opens in Dubai

For tens of thousands of Sri Lankans living and working in the Middle East, nothing makes their day better than an authentic Sri Lankan meal, and the options only keep growing. Serendib Town Restaurant is the latest Sri Lankan restaurant to open in Dubai, the gastronomy capital of the region and home to cuisines from different countries and cultures.

Serendib Town was launched on 1 March in the Al Nadha 2 area of Dubai, just behind the NMC Hospital with guests attending the opening ceremony being served a variety of dishes prepared for the special occasion. Promoting it under the slogan ‘New Taste in Town’, the entrepreneurs behind the concept, Farzan Mahamoor and Naushard  are promising to keep Sri Lankan cuisine in the spotlight through Serendib Town.

Serendib Town has some delicious treats for customers – from everyone’s favourite fish bun to a variety of kottu rotis and hoppers. The restaurant is also offering a range of dishes including traditional rice and curry and lamprais. In addition, customers can also order in advance Naladi Seer, a set menu that is popular at special occasions celebrated by the Muslims in Sri Lanka.

Naladi Seer

The menu booklet itself is a refreshing and creative effort to promote both the restaurant, Sri Lankan cuisine and the country too with descriptions for each dish, an overview of Sri Lankan food and photos of Sri Lankan tourism landmarks.

Farzan said he was delighted with the huge response received so far and hopes to keep up the momentum by adding new items to the menu. “Our aim is to provide a spread that will satisfy all, while promoting Sri Lankan cuisine in this part of the world.”

Explaining the concept, Naushad said: “Dubai being a melting pot of cultures, any business that opens here has to take everyone on board, and especially in the case of a restaurant, the cuisine should be accessible to people from all nationalities. While Sri Lankans in the UAE will be our main focus, we will also be promoting our food among other expatriate communities, and the menu booklet is a good starting point.”


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